Children are generally screening in reception at school. Those deemed suitable for the community service are referred to a local accredited optician for further detailed tests. The service is run by Primary Ophthalmic Solutions (POS), the provider arm of LSL and BBG LOCs.

Why children’s vision screening

  • Uncorrected refractive error can have significant effects
  • Children with poor vision don’t know they have poor vision as have nothing to compare
  • Screening vision at a young age will help detect Amblyopia, any uncorrected visual error and treatment at a younger age offers better visual outcomes
  • Children with uncorrected refracted errors are disadvantaged due to their sight and often will not do as well at school and have poorer outcomes in their futures
  • Screening aims to detect these children, improve their vision and increase their future options

There are 6 phases of the service

  1. Input of details by screener (Health Care Professional) after checking vision in school
  2. Referral module for POS admin team to allocate to local Optician’s practice
  3. Acceptance or rejection by practice
  4. 1st appointment with MECS Community Optometrist
  5. 6 week phone check (if follow-up required)
  6. 12 – 16 week check (if follow-up required)

The CCG has commissioned the service with POS and the details of scheme and criteria has developed with input from the Orthoptic leads at St Thomas’ and Kings. Further details on clinical pathways and how to participate can be found on the secure part of this website. Further information on providers can be found on